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Why resilient employees are better employees

Resilience is your employees’ superpower. 

It’s the secret to more productive and happy workers, who can thrive in an uncertain world and make the best of any situation.  

Well, not the best-kept secret. Across the world, organisations are realising the necessity of a resilient workforce for the future. In their survey of over 500 HR leaders across 60 countries, Gartner found that building employee resilience was a crucial priority for 2022 and beyond. 

Organisations here in Australia and around the globe are figuring out how to cultivate more resilient employees so that they can be prepared for whatever challenges come their way. Meaning this isn’t something you want to ignore until it’s too late to get started. 

Here’s how building more resilient employees can benefit your organisation. 

Stress management

Aussie workers are more stressed than ever. 

(And it’s not hard to see why). 

According to ADP Australia, more than 60% of Australian workers are feeling stressed at least once a week. Across the world, we’re seeing a 25% increase in cases of anxiety and depression as a result of the challenges of the last few years

And even more troubling is the fact that Australians are the least likely to openly talk about mental health at work than anyone else in the Asia Pacific region. In fact, almost a third of all respondents reported that they would not talk to anyone at work about their mental health – whether it be a colleague or a manager – which is almost double the regional average. 

This has led to a sharp rise in burnout rates in Australia, from a concerning 34% to a staggering 46% in just one year. 

Resilient employees are physically healthier, more productive, happier, and have better relationships – both in and outside the workplace. Just being 5% more resilient lowers your risk of a mental health diagnosis by 10–15%.


With the world changing at such a rapid rate, the ability to stay calm and handle the curveballs thrown your way is invaluable.

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve got to be able to think on your feet and find new opportunities. Which is why resilience, the ability to bounce back from difficulties, is so important in a post-Covid world. 

Resilient employees are far more receptive to change, whether it be within your organisation or the world around them. They can recover quicker in the face of adversity and find new ways to solve the problems that present themselves. 

The workplace of tomorrow will be an entirely different place than it is today. With resilient employees, you have a greater chance of surviving – even thriving. 


Communication is key for any organisation. While good communication between employees can increase productivity by 20–25%, 86% of corporate executives, educators, and employees cite ineffective communication as the main reason for workplace failures. 

Studies have shown that resilient employees are able to build stronger connections and relationships with others. They are great listeners and communicators, making better team players. And they aren’t afraid to articulate their ideas, or what they need to be more productive. 

Overall, the more resilient workers you have, the better your communication. Ultimately, investing in resilience affects all levels of your organisation and can have far-reaching run-on effects. 

Want to build up your employees’ resilience? Our course is designed to leverage emotional intelligence to help employees cope with stressful situations, cultivate a more productive mindset, and look after their physical and mental wellbeing. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.



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