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the EQ factor

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient and is interchangeable with EI, Emotional Intelligence. EQ can be summed up as how we connect with other people.

At trainEQ™ we help your team learn skills that help them connect better with other people in all areas of their life. Connecting better leads to personal and professional growth. EQ skills help people become happier, more confident and more fulfilled. And happier and more fulfilled people make organisations thrive.
We all know what IQ is. What about EQ? If one picture shows the difference then this is it:

EQ, simply put, is our ability to:
1. be aware of how we feel internally
2. be aware of others’ feelings
3. take control of how we react or behave

People with high emotional intelligence show understanding and empathy. They motivate and inspire, influence and negotiate. They will connect with others, develop meaningful relationships and thereby encourage teamwork where people are in synch.

aren’t EQ skills just for leaders?

Well, no. EQ skills are essential if you are managing people. But high EQ is helpful whenever you are working with other people.

Good emotional intelligence becomes increasingly important the more the job is dependent on working with others: colleagues, clients, managers, suppliers and anyone else involved in getting the job done.

why do people need EQ training?

Our schools and universities primarily focus on teaching technical skills.

Emotional intelligence is often a small or non-existent component of the curriculum. Some people have naturally a high EQ and for them our courses are great refreshers. Others have less natural EQ ability and our workshops open up a new world for them.

Regardless of their starting EQ ability, our courses lift people’s power to connect and thereby grow your organisation’s performance.

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) - the capability of individuals to recognise and manage their emotions and those of others.

Being aware of the concept of EQ and then developing it is essential for employees, regardless of their role. High EQ is no longer an add-on but a ‘must-have.’