Who says training is dull? Let us engage your staff
and provide them with meaningful take-aways.


we come to you wherever you are in Australia.
Or take the remote option and connect virtually

choose where and how

you know you have talented people. Provide them with high
quality training and watch them excel and enjoy their new skills

raise the bar

EQ and work-focused learning where participants
share their individual experiences and goals

practical take-aways

equip your team with the skills to flourish and succeed

kicking goals

no longer a ‘nice to have’!

emotional intelligence

our experienced facilitators will set up a fun,
dynamic and inclusive learning space

first-rate trainers

no matter your organisation background or structure,
our courses are designed to target all workplace skills

across the board

set your team up for exciting growth and development

leaders and future leaders

with EQ awareness your team will learn how to connect
and grow their relationships to flourish in their roles

join the dots - learn… connect… grow

view our courses with ease, book with ease and
arrange training with ease. We have your back

keep it simple

your choice

We deliver training at a place of your choice or virtually.
We will help you smoothly organise the training course.

in-person training

Our facilitators will run courses at a venue of your choice, at your premises or offsite.

A face-to-face program has many benefits such as:

  • easy to interact, discuss and involve everyone
  • some people prefer the in-person contact
  • no technology barriers
  • participants’ full focus and dedication to the workshop.

virtual (remote) training

Our facilitators are pros when it comes to running online workshops. They will make sure the whole group is involved and will encourage interaction and lively discussion.

Your staff will just need a device and a stable internet connection, and we will do the rest.

Benefits of virtual training include:

  • train your staff together, no matter their location
  • save on time and travel costs for participants
  • save on possible facilitator travel costs
  • flexibility to deliver training in multiple short sessions
  • connect and boost collaboration between people in different locations at a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) - the capability of individuals to recognise and manage their emotions and those of others.

Being aware of the concept of EQ and then developing it is essential for employees, regardless of their role. High EQ is no longer an add-on but a ‘must-have.’