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happy employees = happy workplace.

Supporting your employees and providing them with the opportunity to build interpersonal skills is a feature of a fabulous employer. We all know that kicking goals at work, translates to our overall sense of well being. Let us help you invest in your team through our excellent training options, and watch them excel (aka kick butt!)

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The new team leader

All leaders have experienced that first day as a new team lead. It is an exciting but often daunting prospect where you face organisational and personal expectations. Help new team leaders start off on the right foot so that they are able to succeed at all levels.

This training course offers essential tips and strategies to navigate their new status and responsibilities. It will support staff members who have recently been promoted or are taking on more responsibility, particularly in terms of their relationship with others in the team.

people management

The notion of a successful manager will be different to different people and from one organisation to another. We can agree though that it’s important for all organisations that your managers are capable and are excellent role models. They reflect your brand and so this workshop goes through some key elements to set up participants with skills to do a great job at a personal and business level.

The participants will need to figure out what that success looks like and come up with a step-by-step plan to reach their goals.

Difficult conversations

Know that feeling when you would rather do anything than have that awkward conversation with a team member? People in leadership positions simply cannot bury their heads in the sand and avoid having that conversation – they need to be able to confidently face conflict head on. When managers are courageous in addressing tough situations, team morale and performance soars.

This difficult conversations training course sets up participants to bite the bullet and address difficult situations early and assertively. When leaders put a stop to issues early, they create better outcomes for everyone. Through enhancing their emotional intelligence, self-reflection, practice and group activities, participants build the confidence and assertive communication skills to manage tough conversations.

Delegating and empowering

Delegating is not the same as dumping work. Instead, it’s a two-way street. One objective is to free up time for the person delegating but the other is to empower the person they delegated to. This means they learn and grow from the experience. When managers delegate with emotional intelligence (EI or EQ), they build strong and confident teams.

Participants on this delegation skills training course will learn how to delegate tasks and empower their team members. They will understand that it is not just about themselves or getting something done as quickly as possible. They will learn how delegation builds capability for the wider team. Course participants will also become aware of what might hold them back in empowering their team members and what to do to delegate, how and when.

Time management

Some people just get a whole lot more done in their day than others. The difference between these people is in the habits they have formed. For some people it is easier than for others to create helpful habits. Nevertheless, everyone can improve their time management by creating productive habits and breaking unproductive habits.

This time management course is a great investment in time for people who feel too busy to attend it. Participants will discover the difference between being busy and being productive.


Our world is changing at a frantic pace. People at all levels of our organisations are experiencing stress in epidemic proportions. For our wellbeing and the health and performance of our organisations it is critical that we build resilience. We need the ability to deal with whatever we experience as adversity. Fortunately, resilience is a learnable skill.

This resilience training program builds the emotional intelligence to deal with stress, sadness, anger or all the other emotions that impact our sense of wellbeing.

beating unconscious bias

Extensive research shows that diverse and inclusive organisations outperform those that are not. At the same time, all employees have a right to a ‘fair go’ at work, They are entitled to a workplace free of racism, prejudice and discrimination.

Few people deliberately set out to treat others unfairly or aim to create a workplace without diversity. It is in fact often the unconscious biases that lead to choices that reduce equity and diversity.

meeting management

How much time do we spend in meetings? And how much time do we waste in meetings? Our time is too valuable, so meetings need to hit the mark.

During this meeting management training course, participants learn skills in managing and facilitating effective meetings. This training course is powerful for participants who run meetings in person or remotely.

Candid conversations

This workshop will help people to communicate in an open and honest way. Why is this important? Because organisations with an open communication and feedback culture thrive.

Being able to have a candid conversation is a skill that comes with practice. Employees will learn why and how to seek feedback, receive it graciously and give respectful feedback to their colleagues.

Communicating with EQ

This workshop will help people to communicate in an open and honest way. Why is this important? Because organisations with an open communication and feedback culture thrive .

Being able to have a candid conversation is a skill that comes with practice. Employees will learn why and how to seek feedback, receive it graciously and give respectful feedback to their colleagues.

emails writing

We write so-ooo many emails. We cannot imagine ever going back to snail mail but we do tend to take emails for granted. Our inboxes are inundated and we often have to sift through poorly written, long-winded emails which lack clarity and fail to tell you what, if any, action is required. Email is one of the most efficient forms of communication but there is a skill in keeping them succinct, to the point and professional.

Participants on this email writing course will learn how to become master emailers. They will use practical exercises to learn how to write emails that are effective and deliver the message accurately and concisely.

Business Writing

We might not all see ourselves as ‘business writers’ but this business writing course is relevant for EVERYONE who writes in a work environment. Whether it be emails, reports, policies or instructions; any form of writing at work is regarded as business writing. And writing for business needs to be approached with a lot more care than what we may write for our personal purposes.

Participants at all levels within the organisation who attend this professional writing training course will learn strategies to write clearly and professionally.

Customer service excellence

Everyone in an organisation is expected to deliver great customer service. Whether your customers are your traditional external customers, paying for goods and services, or internal colleagues who need your support, you need to provide service to a high degree. And if, as an organisation, you deliver fantastic customer experiences, you create raving customers. Raving customers keep coming back and refer you to others.

Happy internal customers or colleagues are able to do their job with more ease and advocate the business as a great place to work.

Dealing with difficult people

How often do we deal with difficult people or demanding situations? Sometimes it’s not the people that are difficult. For example, a customer can have a legitimate but challenging complaint. But the difficulty can also come from behaviours of others, such as making personal attacks, raising voices, hurling abuse, or worse, threatening with physical violence.

This course will build the emotional intelligence to stay calm during difficult situations. Participants will gain the skills to de-escalate conflict and set boundaries.

about trainEQ™

Check out our range of courses that we know, through experience, are all highly relevant for today’s organisations. Our facilitators can come to your premises or run a session online for your employees, wherever they are. Our courses may look like a standard offering but in each one we make a point of linking in emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) skills, which are so crucial for any team.

Emotional intelligence (EI), or emotional quotient (EQ), underpins all our interactions with other human beings. This awareness goes a long way in the working environment. This term has become fashionable in the realms of leadership training, but we think this skill is in fact important for all employees, at all levels. And that’s why discussions around EI are incorporated in all our sessions.

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Simple. That’s what we are. (Not in intellect!) Choose a course. Request a quote that will land instantly in your inbox with a straight forward booking form. If you have any questions at all though just reach out to us via our online chat or phone.

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) - the capability of individuals to recognise and manage their emotions and those of others.

Being aware of the concept of EQ and then developing it is essential for employees, regardless of their role. High EQ is no longer an add-on but a ‘must-have.’