Communicating with EQ

Communicating with EQ

This workshop will help people to communicate in an open and honest way. Why is this important? Because organisations with an open communication and feedback culture thrive .

Being able to have a candid conversation is a skill that comes with practice.

Employees will learn why and how to seek feedback, receive it graciously and give respectful feedback to their colleagues.

  • For people at all levels in your organisation
  • Full day course. Half-day option available.
  • Run at your offices or virtual classroom
  • Understand the benefits of a candid conversation culture
  • Understand how people are different and how to flex their style
  • Request and receive feedback; understand why it is important and how to do it well Deal with criticism
  • Listen actively
  • Communicate assertively and understand the
  • difference between aggressive and passive communication
  • Give regular positive feedback – not praise
  • Give constructive feedback.

Simple. That’s what

we are. (Not in intellect!) Choose a course. Request a quote that will land instantly in your inbox with a straight forward booking form. If you have any questions at all though just reach out to us via our online chat or phone.

Open conversations allow for “a bulls**t-free zone where people love their work and working together.”

-Kim Scott, co-founder of Candor. Inc

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) - the capability of individuals to recognise and manage their emotions and those of others.

Being aware of the concept of EQ and then developing it is essential for employees, regardless of their role. High EQ is no longer an add-on but a ‘must-have.’