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Why emotional intelligence is essential for better customer service

In today’s day and age, customers expect quality service from the organisations they deal with. Otherwise, they’ll just go elsewhere. A single bad experience is enough for half of your customers to never deal with you again — this is an area of your organisation you want to get right. 

This is where emotional intelligence (EQ) comes in. EQ is all about understanding our own emotions and the emotions of others, meaning it can make a powerful difference in the way your employees provide customer service. 

Both EQ and customer service are all about the same thing: effectively dealing with people. By honing an employee’s emotional intelligence, they will be able to provide the levels of customer service that your clients expect, giving your organisation the edge you need. 

Using empathy to improve customer service

In conversations, we tend to mirror each other’s moods, tones and body language. If an employee is having an off day and isn’t equipped to manage their emotions, this can bleed through their interactions with customers and negatively impact their experience. 

On the other hand, if an employee pays attention to the emotional state of customers and helps address their emotional needs on top of whatever they initially came for, you’ll gain a loyal customer for life! 

We all want to be around people that understand and listen to us. It’s only natural.

Strong EQ skills allow employees to:

  • Understand the customer
  • Choose the right tone and words for the situation
  • Listen more effectively 
  • Regulate their responses to customers, maintaining professionalism
  • Show the customer they care, and want to help solve their problem

Your secret superpower for difficult clients

Not only does EQ make it easier for your employees to deliver quality customer service, but it also comes in handy when dealing with difficult customers. 

Chances are you’ve had your fair share of encounters with a myriad of customers ranging from slightly grumpy to downright unreasonable. This situation can justifiably frustrate your employees, meaning that they may not be as effective in dealing with the customer — which, in turn, can make things worse. If an employee is unable to control themselves, how can they possibly manage a customer? 

Being able to relate to the customer’s concerns and defuse the situation before things take a turn for the worst is critical. Employees need to listen to the customer’s concerns, keep a level head and find a solution that works for both the customer and the organisation. Otherwise, it’s like leaving a boiling pot on the stove too long — things will start to boil over. 

If tensions are running high, it can be difficult to see every angle of a problem and work through it. EQ helps employees take a pause, think, and clearly approach the issue, all while ensuring that the customer is taken care of. 

All in all, EQ is a must when dealing with people. To provide the best experience for your customer base, make sure your employees are equipped with the skills they need!

Want to see how we can help your employees provide excellent customer service every time? Our Customer Service Training course goes over all the essential EQ skills you need for effective communication and customer interaction. 



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